Thinking about starting a small business?

So you are thinking about starting a small business or you probably wouldn't be reading this, right? Hopefully you haven't registered your business name yet! Now that the internet has changed the world, choosing the right business name can play a huge role in determining how easily you can be found online. Car Service Salisbury [...]

Who owns my print files?

Print files - who should you get to manage your precious files? Let me begin by saying, we think we should or your current graphic design company should, we are not being bias, with 24 years running Icon Graphic Design we have seen it all. We have experienced (on many occasions) situations where clients have appointed Icon Graphic Design [...]

Different types of printing for your graphic design work?

PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGN AND QUALITY DIGITAL PRINTING MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE We recently had a situation where we were asked to do the graphic design work on a corporate profile document for a company that was looking to promote their food products to the European market. Fantastic! We won the quote and commenced work on [...]

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