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Good Graphic Design Needs a Good Graphic Designer.

Plenty of businesses that offer printing and signwriting services will claim to have an in-house designer. More often than not, this is someone employed to adjust colour for printing purposes, or they’re a mac operator with a Canva subscription. But good graphic design needs a good graphic designer!

At Icon Graphic Design Adelaide, we are qualified graphic designers with over 30 years of experience. And there’s a reason we’ve stuck around for so long – we’re good at what we do! A few things we know and understand, thanks to our experience:

  • The Adelaide Market – we know what works for our clients and how customers respond to graphic design. We have tailored our service to benefit Adelaide’s businesses.
  • Full process service is a must – the best designs are made when they aren’t passed around from designer to designer. At Icon Graphic Design Adelaide we take you through every step from ideation to printing.
  • Printing sizes – believe it or not, printers can be very fussy about file size (and rightly so) – using the wrong size can mean that your design comes out warped and wrong. Thankfully we are very familiar with necessary sizing and bordering so you can avoid last-minute changes at the printer and get your product on time!
  • Customers get what they pay for – we’ve seen many customers come to us after being promised fantastic work from a shonky online ‘graphic designer’. If someone is promising you outstanding work for cheap, it’s probably a ‘too good to be true’ situation. Quality work takes time and effort – the first two things to go when cutting costs.
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Get Eyes on Your Business with Icon Graphic Design Adelaide

Professionalism breeds professional work. A qualified graphic designer – such as the ones at Icon Graphic Design Adelaide – will create high-quality, well-executed designs that are unique and recognisable for your business. Not only does this help set your business apart from your competitors, but a cohesive and fully realised design plan demonstrates reliability and organisation to potential customers. For example, mismatched designs across logos, packaging, promotional items, or signage instils ideas of messiness and chaos and is off-putting to customers.

Remember all that stuff we just mentioned – packaging, signage, logos? We can handle all of that for your business – lucky you!

What? Icon Graphic Design Adelaide can help get more clicks on my page?

That’s right! Icon Graphic design Adelaide has some fantastic SEO benefits. Not only do good images and logos capture the attention of humans, but Google’s robots love them too. Your business’s keywords and search terms can be integrated into the design to help you appear higher up in search ranking. Another bonus? Eye-catching designs are more likely to be shared on social media, increasing your business’s spread!

Sounding a bit complicated or after a more in-depth explanation? Keen to get started on your design process? After a chat? Get in contact with Icon Graphic Design Adelaide today!

Icon Graphic Design Adelaide. Image of Kokomo Mist in a black bottle.

Did that help?

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