You see them here, you see them there, you see them almost everywhere!

What is a QR code? A QR code (quick response) is a series of black square dots that are arranged in a square grid. They hold information which is easily scanned using your smart phone or tablet. There are a number QR code scanning apps available, which can be downloaded for free and in just a few of minutes.

Here are some uses for QR codes

One of the most popular uses for QR codes is to include one as a part of the graphic design on your business card. The QR code can be set up in such a way that when the recipient of the business card scans the code, it takes them straight to your website. Alternatively, the QR code can be set up to automatically add information to the contacts list in the smart phone or tablet being used to scan the code. This can include your name, company name, phone numbers, address, email, website etc. — all at the press of one button! It really couldn’t be any easier, but it doesn’t stop there. Our clients are asking us to incorporate them into the design of their packaging, labels and wine labels, directing the customer straight to their website (or a specific web page) enabling them to find out a whole lot more about the company or that particular product. The most recent use we’ve found for a QR code, was to incorporate one into the graphic design layout on a clients pull-up display banner, which was strategically placed in the foyer at a large convention centre. People who attended the seminar were able to remember the company by scanning the code straight from the pull-up display banner and save the contact details (or website) to their smart phone. Without a pen and paper in tow, I wonder what the chances of them remembering all the details would be?

So what to do next!

So next time you are thinking about a business promotion, why not consider how you could benefit from incorporating a QR code into your graphic design work for the convenience of your tech-savvy customers? Talk to Icon Graphic Design Adelaide to find out about more creative ways to use QR codes to promote your business. Also visit to see some very clever ways QR codes have been used.