Email privacy – can your IT professional view your private emails?

Ever wondered if anyone can view your emails? One area you should seriously consider when it comes to email privacy is the relationship with your IT professional or even the people who work for them. Once you have had your email accounts setup by your IT professional, most ‘professionals’ will instruct you to change your password.

This advice is something that you should take very seriously. Did you know that your emails can be accessed wherever they are hosted? Similar to the software you use on your computer like, Outlook, Apple’s Mail, Thunderbird etc., once someone is logged into your cPanel (for example), if they have your password, it’s easy to login and view all your emails.

Screenshot of typical email software interface used for online email activity, for email privacy blog

Typical email software interface used for online email activity.

The way we email is changing rapidly so when it comes to email privacy, products like Microsofts Office and Google’s Apps for Business give you better options. With Google Apps for Business in particular, it has a security feature that alerts you if someone other than yourself has logged into your email account, so even if you did forget to change your password, you will still know that somebody is having a snoop. We are not re-sellers for Google, it’s just something we use and recommend. This article ‘9 reasons why smart businesses upgrade to Google Apps for Business’ explains it well – have a read and make up your own mind. For about $50.00 a year it’s great value. You can use Google Apps for free but you don’t get 24 hour email and phone support (where you actually talk to a real person) plus you get so much more.

This is a great video from Google on how to keep your email account safe.

I my experience, most IT professional are honest people but let’s face it, it’s better to be safe than sorry and at the end of the day, it’s up to you to make it safe for your own sake.