We recently had a situation where we were asked to do the graphic design work on a corporate profile document for a company that was looking to promote their food products to the European market.

Fantastic! We won the quote and commenced work on the project. As the graphic design component came to an end, we were then asked by the client to quote on the printing of the booklets. These A4, 12 page booklets were full colour throughout and the client needed 50 copies. Short-run digital printing is the obvious answer, so we prepared a printing quote using our trusted, quality supplier. On presenting our printing quote to the client, they said to us that they had obtained a cheaper quote and were going to go with that one. We asked questions about the details of the other quote, to check if they were actually comparing apples with apples, to which they were quite convinced they were. We then told the client, if you can get a better deal for the same quality, go for it!

A few days later the client phoned: the printed booklets had arrived from their chosen printing supplier, the overseas trip was the next day and the booklets were a massive disappointment. They looked unprofessional and were embarrassed to have to use them to represent their company, but they had no choice because of the travel deadline. Sure, they had been printed short-run digital, as per our quote, however they were not printed with ink, but toner.

Digital short-run printing on toner-based equipment definitely has its place in the industry, but it is very important to understand the difference between that and using ink. What will the finished product will look like? Is it of an acceptable standard for your project? Have you seen a sample that has been printed on the same equipment?

After seeing all the effort and expense that had gone into the preparation for this promotional trip, the end result was heartbreaking. It could have easily been avoided by asking these questions and by using a company you can trust and who understands printing and your expectations. Talk to Icon Graphic Design to find out how we can help you avoid disaster.